Hey guys, today am taking you on a journey to one of my favorite cities in the world.

In my quest to find myself and love myself, I have been doing a lot of new and different things. I am truly grateful for the journey and I am really excited to see new places but before then, lets go to Lagos.

Lagos, Nigeria is mostly know for the hustle and bustle, I have been to Lagos countless times but for the first time I recognized the beauty of the city. Everything about Lagos remind you about the African culture in the most beautiful way.

I have never being a super “Art” fan. I mean I recognize it passively but I am not one of those people to spend a lot of money on art well, until now. Recently my recent tour of the city of Lagos landed me in the famous NIKE ART GALLERY which was founded in 2009 made me fall hopelessly in love with art and the African culture as a whole. It is basically a 4 storey building coated in spotless white of just art, paintings, caricature, statues and all from African (Nigerians) and I was just amazed by the creativity of people.

The Gallery is actually owned by a woman who goes by the name Chief Mrs Nike Davis-Okundaye, a batik and textile designer. I got a privilege to meet her and she was the sweetest most down to earth person. She was dressed like a Queen, adorned with beads and a very interesting yet beautiful head tie. The Art gallery which is owned and directed by her is the largest art gallery in West Africa, carrying over 7000 art works. Nike is known all over the world for promoting her designs through exhibitions and workshops in Nigeria, USA, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Italy and the United Kingdom




I recently put a poll regarding the topic/question above on my insta story and I got a backlash from one of my followers who felt it was inappropriate for some reason and even the idea of a person picking money over love was crazy and unrealistic. 47% of over 200 people in the poll actually picked money and contrary to what most people believe that doesn’t make them monsters. They simply spoke their truth and now am about to speak mine. Relationships; a 21st century business transaction

I have said this a lot and I would say it a again, Love is not what keeps a relationship or a marriage for that matter. So many things come together to make a good and healthy relationship including love, trust, respect, communication, honesty, faithfulness and so many other little component including Money. In fact money is a big component, Life is not a fairy tale or a movie where the rich girl marries the poor guy and they live happily ever after or where two struggling lovers defy all odds and they end up happily ever after in their one bedroom apartment. Eventually they both need to get up and work because love isn’t going to put food on the table or pay the rent. Love is the most important thing but its not enough. Its also like saying oxygen is the most important thing to live life but oxygen won’t help you “survive”, you need water, food, shelter in other to survive and that’s almost the case with love and the other components.                     Continue reading “LOVE VS MONEY: WHICH IS MORE IMPORTANT IN A RELATIONSHIP?”


Whether we admit it or not social media is a huge of our lives. Like most people my age I started using social media about 8-9 years ago and I have had a lot of good but mostly bad experiences on social media. It’s started with FACEBOOK, BBM, 2GO, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM AND SNAPCHAT TO NAME A FEW.

As a teenager I grew into maturity rather slowly, I was really nervous, naïve and super curious. At 14 I looked up 18 year olds and I wanted to do what an eighteen year old was doing and as you can imagine it didn’t end well for me. For a teen who was so engrossed and only looked up to the wrong people, I started taking “sexy” pictures the way I saw these girls were and I realized I started getting a lot of attention from guys and not in a good way, mostly sexual attentions,I started to realize the more cleavage I showed in a picture or the more I shoot out my ass out and the tighter the dress, the more likes and comments I get, the more people started to follow me and “slide into my dm”. I loved the attention and for so many years I put so much pressure on myself to look as picture perfect as I could just so people would tell me how “hot” I was and how “sexy” I was looking. Continue reading “HOW SOCIAL MEDIA AFFECTED MY SELF ESTEEM AND HOW I HANDLE SOCIAL PRESSURE.”


I got a chance to visit the KALAKUTA museum in Ikeja,Lagos state Nigeria on the 31st march,2018 and dare I say it was such a refreshing way to end the month. I have always loved Fela, his music and his style.

I have always viewed him as one of the most unique person to ever walk the surface of the earth. I became curious about Fela when I realized that I only know what my random people had told me about this man, just bits and pieces and that wasn’t enough of understand who he was. I think most people just have an idea of who Fela his based on the annual FELABORATION. The idea of Fela is more like a trend to the younger generation.So I went on this adventure and it actually touched me in the most inspiring way ever.

Continue reading “FELA ANIKULAPO-KUTI : what the life of FELA has taught me ( EXCLUSIVE PICTURES OF THE KALAKUTA MUSEUM).”

I AM A MESS; It’s okay to be a mess.

So on Sunday I was getting ready to go out and I kept changing and looking for the right outfit, trying to look good and for some reason I felt like I was a mess and I was trying to hard, I felt awful and desperate and a loser with a big “L” I don’t know where it came from but I just felt like such a disappointment and tears started rolling down my cheeks and I cried so hard I lost my breath, I basically, ripped off my clothes and crawled into my bathtub and cried for hours non-stop, I curled up and I had a millions feelings run through my mind. I tried to reach my two girlfriends and I couldn’t reach them and that just made me feel more dejected and I cried some more until I fell asleep in the tub. I woke up with the worst pain, my face was swollen, my mascara was everywhere and I looked at myself and said “ you are such a mess”.

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RELATIONSHIPS; 21st century business transactions.

I recently had a friend of mine over and we got talking about life and relationships, one thing lead to another in the midst of our conversations it occurred to me that when it comes to relationship especially in our generations majority of the time it’s more or less a business transaction that basically thrives based on the profit you make.

Let me break it down this way;when a business man gets into a particular business venture just because he heard or realized he can make a lot of money from the business; he basically won’t care how things are done or ran as long as he gets his money at the end of the day then he is fine but the second that business stops yielding profit, he basically abandons it and look for the next profitable thing but if he be had started the business or company based on some kind of natural love and passion for the business, whether it thrives or not, it stops being about the profit(money) and he is going to give it all it takes to make that business grows regardless of how hard it would be.

I am going to assume you understand what I just said and I would jump right into it. MOST GUYS WANTS SEX AND MOST LADIES WANTS MONEY and most times that all they really need to start a “relationship” there is an instant attraction when money and sex come into play, in-fact the only reason the girl isn’t a prostitute is probably because of the girlfriend tag or title so to speak but the truth is the only reason she is cooking for him, sleeping with him, following him up and down like a dog and most like “tolerates” is because she knows when she needs money, he would always provide and the only reason the guy is

probably in the relationship is because the sex is great, getting constantly served any and everywhere in whatever he wants it plus she looks good so it’s a win win.

When you ask most people what they want in a partner, most of us have this very unrealistic list in our mind; beard gang, tall, six packs, rich, figure 8, dimples, big ass and so much more.

It stops being about what is on the inside and it’s purely physical. It’s basically saying “this is what I can give you, what am I getting in return”. When a relationship is based on just physical and material things it would crash the minute anything happens to what attracted you to that person in the first place. Don’t get me wrong physical appearance matters, if u asked me a few years back I would have told tell you I wanted someone with Boris Kodjoe face, Micheal Ealy’s eyes, Morris chestnut’s smile and just complete it with Lance Gross’s body, I know I was greedy but when all that goes, if he gets into an accident and he loses that beautiful face I love would I still want to be with him? Has I begin to mature physical appearance feels like a bonus to me now as long as he has a good heart.

That’s why most people break up and get divorced because they are dating an unrealistic idea of what they think love is. It’s sucks but the truth is beauty fades and if it doesn’t there would be people finer and sexier and more “endowed” than the person you are with right now, rich people get broke and there would always be someone richer than that person and you also get tired of having sex with the same person at some point, seriously.

So many people love because of what they stand to get, am not even sure if “love” is the right word for it but you should know this: don’t “love” because you are lonely and you merely need company, don’t even “love” because you need a wife but you should marry her because you love her. Don’t “love” because of the money, don’t “love” because she is pretty, don’t “love” because he is hot.

I feel like so many people don’t get the concept of Love; so I would put it this way. When you love someone it stops being about what they have it’s about who they are. You love without expecting anything in return, they make you want to be and do better. It’s not even about the person physically, it’s how they make you feel, how you smile when they are around or how you think about them, it’s almost like loving their soul.

I wish I could explain better but I hope you have an idea and if you are with your partner for selfish gains or reasons you need to re-evaluate your relationship.


This article is based on my most recent experience in the online dating world. If you haven’t read my MY TINDER EXPERIENCE , you should. A few months ago, some guy started to randomly message me on WhatsApp. Obviously I wondered how he got my number but like every other typical guy he said my number just appeared on this phone, I had no idea numbers just fly into people’s phones. I knew it was clearly a lie and I honestly wasn’t ready to entertain him but he became sooo persistent.

He wouldn’t stop calling and texting. At some point I had to block him but he simply got another number. I got tired and I gave up, I decided to entertain him. We started talking and the first thing I noticed was this guy was always dropping names, he would always say things like “I just got back from Paris”, “Am off to Milan “, “I just got my Range Rover” and all that sort of thing. Clearly he felt like saying this things would make me melt in my panties but sadly it just pissed me off so I cut him off Again.

He became a pain in my butt literarily and he kept saying how his Pastor told him I was his wife and he couldn’t afford to lose me. No jokes guys this took things to another level. This story is long but I would try to cut it as much as possible.

Fast forward to when I got to Nigeria, he pleaded to come pick me at the airport so I could stay over at his house, (somewhere in his mind he thought we were dating apparently). I didn’t call or text him till I got to Ibadan because he can be very persistent when he wants to be. Then the pressure to come to Lagos was real. He kept calling and begging, telling him how much he loved me and how he feels like we should get engaged before I go back and how he wants me to get pregnant so by the time I go back he would feel secure. I was just lost, I would tell my mom and we would put the phone on speaker and just laugh. I felt insulted by the fact that he thought I was so stupid, stupid enough to fall for his nonsense. Anyways events leading up to my going to Lagos. Initially he told me he was 34 and when I asked him again out of no where he told me he was 30. In my mind I started knowing he was a FRAUD. Again he told me his name was “John”( that’s not the real name) but whenever he calls me his “TRUE CALLER” I.D was let’s say “PETER MOSES”. So I asked him which are u, John or Peter and he said “oh I have a lot of names”. I got confused but I decided to play along.