VALENTINE’S DAY: 5 Romantic Gestures To Make Your Partner Feel Extra Special On Valentine’s Day.

I skipped christmas and new year and I went straight to valentine’s day. Oh well it isn’t too late to say Happy New Year!!!, hope its been good so far. January is fast coming to an end and we are slowly approaching the season of love. I love “Love” and I love making the people in my life feel special. I consciously try to do the “little things” to make that special human in my life happy and Valentine’s Day is one of my favourite days to show my partner how much I love and appericate them.

Everyone loves receiving gifts, I love when people get me stuff but sometimes it’s not so much about the gift, sometimes all I care about is the action and the effort put in. I love it when a partner does something thoughful for me. I love creating beautiful memories that I would always remember. So I came up with a few list of wonderful gestures that would create the most beautiful memories for you and your partner and just make it an extra extra special valentine’s day.

1. Candle Light Dinner; It’s one thing to just have dinner and watch tv and it’s another thing to make an effort, get some candles, maybe some rose petals, dim the lights, play some music, a glass of wine, great food and have a great conversation, no phones, no tv just both of you in your own little world. If you can actually cook, perfect! but if you can’t, it’s not a big deal, you can order food from your favourite resturant, have it delievered at home and all you have to do is plate the meal. It’s sweet, it’s romantic and trust me, your conversations that night would feel different.

2. Take A Sexy Bath Together; I love baths, its usually very relaxing for me, It’s also something fun and calming you can do with your partner. Its both of you in a very initmate and vulnerable state. It’s a great way to be initmate espacially if you want to try something different outside the bedroom. Get some candles, rose petals, have nice soak, relax, get nice feet rubs, have a glass of wine. Watch a movie or jusr talk.

3. Romantic Scavenger Hunts; This is a super fun way to keep your partner excited and engaged all day long, and it’s also a way to give really sweet thoughtful gifts through out the day. This is little tricky mostly because you actually need to know your partner’s routine to make this fun but it’s always worth it at the end. They are super exciting for what’s next and it’s not a memory they would forget anytime soon. You just have to leave till pieces of trails in places you know they would be and just build it up, having it end with a dinner date or a pleasant surprise, just something they weren’t expecting.

4. Change Of Environment; I love to travel and a weekend get away is perfect for valentines. You get to do something different and have new experience with one of your favourite people in the world. Get a nice hotel or airbnb and do fun things you won’t normally do at home. It’s doesn’t have to be an expensive trip, it could be a road trip to the next town or nice hotel or Airbnb right in your city or town. That would kick in some excitement, it wouldn’t be the same regular routine.

5. Tell Them How You Really Feel; A lot of people just say I love you and that’s it. And I understand if you are not good at expressing yourself but nothing would make your partner feel great than you telling them how you feel about them, why you love them, things they do that makes you happy, things they do when they think you are not looking but makes you laugh. If you are too shy to say it, write it all, put it in a jar and give it to them.

Always remeber that Valentine’s day is not the only day to make your partner feel special. Always make an effort to spice things up and put a smile on their faces, their happiness would ultimately grow yours.

Comment below what your perfect Valentine’s Day is.

10 thoughts on “VALENTINE’S DAY: 5 Romantic Gestures To Make Your Partner Feel Extra Special On Valentine’s Day.

  1. This year unfortunately I will be away from my boyfriend and we won’t be spending V day together. However, last year we had a lovely romantic dinner, which he cooked for me.

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  2. Whao, great ideas for V day, will see how one of the ideas comes out with us this Val day and definitely feed you back. 😬


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